Workplace Expectations

All members of the VCU community benefit from a shared understanding of basic workplace expectations. The guidelines and expectations described below provide a foundation for a successful and positive work experience for employees, managers and leadership.

Code of Conduct

The VCU Code of Conduct is an all-encompassing policy highlighting the university’s ethical standards and describing clear expectations of how it conducts university business. It applies to all members of the university at every level, including senior leadership, faculty, staff and student employees. All VCU members should familiarize themselves with the code of conduct and all applicable university policies.

Rules of personal conduct and standards of acceptable work performance have also been established at the state level through the Commonwealth of Virginia's Standards of Conduct Policy (No. 1.60).

Required Training

As members of a public institution of higher education with ties to our state and federal government, every VCU employee has an obligation to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct and to protect our community from harm.

Beginning in Spring 2024, university-wide training requirements related to this obligation will be shared with all employees in a single package towards the beginning of each semester. The deadline to complete spring semester training will be June 30, and the deadline to complete fall semester training will be December 31.

These trainings are centered around our culture of care. They provide a foundation for all university employees to work together from a shared understanding of how to treat and protect themselves, each other, and the university. Because of this, 100% required training compliance is a goal shared by VCU HR, our partner departments and university leadership.