Call Me by My Name Project 

At VCU, we are committed to putting our values into action. One of the ways that we make inclusion real is by recognizing that individuals have the right to use names other than their legal name, to identify with the gender they know themselves to be and to utilize the pronouns that best fit them. For example, people may use a name that: affirms their gender identity, is a middle name, is an anglicized name, is a birth or marital name, or is a nickname. 

Through the Call Me By My Name project, VCU allows individuals to provide their name/name of use, gender/gender identity and pronouns. VCU uses the language of “name of use,” to recognize that everyone has the right to use the name they choose without having to explain or justify that decision.

When possible, VCU will refer to individuals by their name of use. However, employees have information records feeding several systems that require use of a legal name, including but not limited to: IRS, Immigration, and Health and Retirement Benefits systems. Additionally, these systems may also record other names by which you are known. VCU will utilize your legal name (regardless of your designated name of use) for all systems for which it is required to do so.

Entering a name of use that is different than your legal name is a significant decision. A change of this type impacts a large number of systems and processes both at VCU and beyond.

Additional Information

For more information about this project and how to enter a name of use, please visit the Call Me By My Name website. You may also contact or your HR Professional with questions.

For a printable overview of this project, view the

Call Me By My Name Project (PDF)