Diversity on our campus

VCU HR is committed to cultivating and sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive community where everyone thrives. All people are valued. Everyone has a place. All perspectives are necessary. Learning from each other’s lived experiences makes us all better.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) is at the heart of VCU’s mission and is the foundation of VCU HR’s philosophy.  Diversity of thought enhances innovation, improves outcomes and facilitates the implementation of decisions by high-performing teams that are both cognitively and demographically diverse. Belonging to a safe community is critical in mental and emotional health; safe connections are key to overall wellness.

VCU has consistently been recognized for our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We are in the business of people. 

Through inclusion in hiring, students can see themselves represented in faculty, staff, and administrators. This is powerful inspiration as you set off on your journey to higher learning.

DEIB is our core principle.

Each unique individual improves the experience and success for all students and community members no matter their race, ethnicity, orientation, financial status, disability, religion, age or previous life experiences.

True diversity, inclusion and belonging is a continuous journey, not a destination.

Our collaborative work is ongoing and our faculty, staff, and students are continuing to educate themselves through regularly scheduled DEIB trainings, workshops and opportunities for open dialogue offered to the university community.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at VCU

  • We respect identities in the workplace
  • We promote a culture of LGBTQIA+ inclusion
  • We are inclusive of those with disabilities
  • We value  those who have served our country 
  • We are aware of unconscious bias and actively work to do better
  • We promote fairness and respect
  • We value differences in opinions, perspectives and ideas 
  • We create a safe environment where individuals have a sense of value 
  • We empower individuals to be their true, authentic selves