Family resources

Work/Life is available to assist employees with family resources including child care and parenting as well as elder and adult care. If you would like to speak confidentially with a staff member, call the office of Work/Life Resources at (804) 828-1521 or email

Adding to the family

Here's everything you need to know about taking time off work, enrolling your new child in benefits, and resources to help you take care of yourself and your new bundle of joy.

  • Talk to your department head or manager and your personnel administrator about Family Medical Leave for prenatal care or the placement of a child for foster care or adoption.  If you are giving birth, remember to submit your request to use any paid leave and/or file a claim for short-term disability through VSDP.  Learn more here.
  • Carefully check with your benefits programs offered in support of pregnant women, new parents through birth or adoption, and baby benefits. For example, Active Health offers Healthy Beginnings. COVA Care or COVA HealthAware members who enroll in the program within their first 16 weeks of pregnancy can earn a $300 copay waiver for COVA Care or a $300 HRA credit for COVA HealthAware.
  • If you are adopting, there are a number of resources available online or through the National Council for Adoption. For information, visit or talk with the agency handling your home study.
  • Start researching child care. Talk with friends and neighbors about the centers they use. Make a list of centers to visit. E-mail for assistance in locating child care providers in your area.
  • Also start looking for pediatricians. Talk with friends and neighbors for suggestions. Visit and interview pediatricians. Check your health plan to be sure that the pediatrician participates with VCU health plan providers. Also visit VCU Health to search for pediatricians at
  • Schedule childbirth classes. Many area hospitals offer these classes as a free service. Check the hospital your doctor uses to see if classes are available.
  • A good way to keep in shape is through pregnancy exercises and yoga classes. VCU offers employee discounts to yoga and area fitness centers.
  • The Employee Assistance Programs have a wealth of information for new parents including a homecoming checklist, advice for new Moms, a baby wish list, an article about breast feeding and returning to work, budgeting for new parents, and information for those wanting to adopt including "Selecting an Adoption Agency," family and parenting issues for adoptive parents, and legal and financial issues in adoption. There is also an online search for child care services. Take advantage of these resources by visiting your health plan's Employee Assistance site.
  • Don't forget that you have 60 days after the birth, adoption, or placement for adoption to add your child to your health plan. A copy of the birth certificate must be provided. This can be done through EmployeeDirect or by completing a paper enrollment form and submitting it to VCU Benefits at PO Box 842511, fax at (804) 827-4728 or e-mail
  • Consider the purchase or make changes to your optional life insurance. Having or adopting a baby is a qualifying event for purchasing or making changes, but it must be done within 31 days of the qualifying event.
  • Got the baby blues? Mood swings after the birth of a baby are not uncommon. It isn't a character flaw or weakness, it's simply a complication of giving birth. Check out CommonHealth resources and videos on stress management through the "Dial It Down" program. If stress lingers, contact the Employee Assistance Program for help. More information is available at your health plan's Employee Assistance site.
  • When you return to work, remember VCU promotes a family friendly work environment that includes support of breastfeeding mothers. Click here for a list of on-campus lactation sites.

Also remember, Work/Life resources is available to help. Please contact if you have questions or we can help in any way.


Childcare and parenting

Having a Baby?   Click here to learn more about Healthy Beginnings, a program that offers one-on-one help for you and your baby.  It's a free benefit for COVA Care and COVA HealthAware members who can earn a $300 copay waiver or HRA contribution, but must enroll within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Child Care Search

Work/Life Resources can provide assistance in locating child care centers or private providers in the area. For more information, email

On-Campus Childcare

VCU Child Development Center
1128 Floyd Ave.
Richmond, VA 23284-2510
(804) 828-7377

VCU Health System Child Care Services
607 N. 10th St.
Richmond, VA 23298
(804) 828-7651

VCU Health System Child Care at VDOT
1201 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 786-1635 

Off-campus childcare

VCU Health System Child Care at Northside
800 W. Graham Rd.
Richmond, VA  23222
(804) 888-8222

The Learning Experience (TLE): For children 6 weeks to 5 years old (summer, spring and winter programs up to 8 years old). The centers are open year round, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and only close on seven holidays throughout the year. All VCU employees receive a 10% discount off of regular tuition plus waived extended care fees at all TLE participating centers. For more information, contact one of the centers listed below: 

8710 Park Central Dr.
Richmond, VA  23227
(804) 265-3054

4683 Pouncey Tract Rd.
Glen Allen, VA  23060 
(804) 360-4226 

The Get Well Place

Child sick but you still need to come to work? Sick child care is available at The Get Well Place at Rainbow Station. Visit the center to pay the annual $40 registration fee in advance of using the program. If advance payment is not possible, registration can be made on day of use. Immunization history must be provided.


Interested in becoming a foster parent? For more information, visit:
HopeTree Family Services
Lutheran Family Services

Additional resources

Domestic and sexual violence prevention

Intimate Partner Violence Crisis Fund

The VCU Division of Trauma, Injury and Violence Prevention Program, Forensic Nursing, Department of Care Coordination and Institute for Women's Health have established a crisis fund that provides monetary assistance and community resources to persons experiencing a domestic or sexual violence crisis.

Funds assist VCU or VCU Health System employees and their children in increasing their safety and becoming more independent and in helping them connect to community resources and services. For more information, visit the VCU Institute for Women's Health website or contact Jean Cheek at

Resources for domestic and sexual violence prevention

For free, confidential assistance, 24 hours a day, please call the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Virginia Hotline at (800) 838-8238.

Dual Career Services

VCU is committed to providing assistance to dual career couples so that both partners can make a successful transition. The individual’s job search efforts are essential to the program’s success.

As a member of the Mid-Atlantic Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), the university is able to provide current and relocating faculty and staff with access to a powerful resource to assist their spouses/partners and other family members in the employment market. The consortium also provides access to open positions at a number of area higher education institutions.

Who is eligible for assistance?

  • A spouse or partner of an employee who is being recruited or has been recently hired by VCU

What services are offered?

  • A general overview of employment at VCU and the surrounding region
  • Job search assistance
  • Support and encouragement during the job search

How does the program work?

  • The hiring department’s personnel administrator, or other administrator, contacts HR to make the referral and provides basic information about the status of the search or appointment
  • An initial consultation with the spouse or partner provides background on employment interest and needs
  • A range of services is tailored to individual needs
  • The HR program coordinator assists in identifying local/regional employment opportunities and networking contacts
Family addiction

Dealing with a family addiction issue? VCU and local providers offer quality education and support to families of people struggling with substance use disorders.  The sessions titled "Why Can't They Just Stop? Education for Families of People Who Struggle with Addiction" are held every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Northstar Community, 563 Southlake Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23236. No registration is required.  For more information, contact Thomas Bannard at or at (804) 366-8027.

Elder/adult care

Adult day care center on the MCV Campus. This facility is open to dependents of VCU faculty, staff and students. The program is designed for older adults who need socialization and supervision during the day. For more information, contact Dee Caras at or (804) 828-8027.

Taking care of a parent or spouse? You are not alone. VCU has partnered with Senior Connections and other organizations in the Richmond community to offer assistance. Contact for more information. 

The Disability Navigator website is designed to meet a wide range of concerns unique to the disability community, features thousands of programs and services as well as hundreds of educational articles.

Senior Services

In Richmond

In Virginia

In the U.S.

Eldercare resources

Getting married

Getting married? Congratulations. Here's some resources to help you with planning a wedding or honeymoon, and addressing issues related to your benefits, etc.

  • Visit the knot website at (or similar sites) for local wedding vendors, checklists, a personalized wedding plan based on your budget, guest list manager, registries, etc. There's a wealth of information online to help you in planning your special day.
  • Carefully check your health insurance plan's Employee Assistance program for information and services related to real estate, legal services, financial tools, renter's rights, etc. There's also a wedding countdown checklist for handling wedding details.
  • Need wedding bands or planning a wedding or honeymoon? Check out VCU's discounts on jewelry, airport parking, auto rental, hotels, and other travel resources.
  • Where to get a marriage license? A license is issued by the clerk of the circuit court in any county or city in the Commonwealth. Marriage licenses issued in Virginia are for marriages performed in Virginia only. You will need to present a valid photo ID and a certified copy of your birth certificate. The marriage must be performed within 60 days after the license is issued.
  • Be sure to review and compare health benefits. Decide if you'll be enrolling your spouse on your health plan or if you'll drop your benefits to enroll with your spouse. To add your spouse to your VCU plan, your marriage must be recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the employee must include a photocopy of a certified or registered marriage certificate. The Health Benefits Enrollment Form must be submitted within 60 days of the marriage.
  • Will you go on your spouse's insurance? If you drop your medical insurance to go on your spouse's plan and your spouse loses his or her job, that is considered a qualifying event, and you can reenroll within 60 days of the qualifying event.
  • Looking for a new home? Check out VCU's relocation resources with two local real estate firms who will be glad to assist you in purchasing or renting a new home.
  • Consider whether to participate in Flexible Spending Accounts, or if already participating, whether you need to increase or decrease your contributions to cover your spouse's uncovered health and dental expenses with tax free dollars. If you are gaining a dependent, you may want to begin a Dependent Care Account to pay for day care or other allowed expenses.
  • Consider changing your tax withholding. It's a fact that getting married will affect the amount of taxes you pay. The primary determining factor of your tax status is whether you are a one or two-income couple. You may wish to consult with a financial counselor to discuss your situation. If you decide to change your tax withholding, completed forms should be returned to the Payroll Office at PO Box 842511 or at
  • Consider the purchase or make changes to your optional life insurance. Getting married is a qualifying event for purchasing or making changes, but it must be done within 31 days of the qualifying event.
  • If you change your name, first contact the Social Security Administration to change your name on your social security records. Your name on your payroll records must match the name on your social security card. Please provide Human Resources with a copy of your new social security card and an updated Personal Data Form.  Fax the form AND a copy of the Social Security card with your new legal name to HR at (804) 837-8250 or email to

Also remember, Work/Life resources is available to help you and your family to achieve meaningful work/life balance. Please contact if you have questions or ways we can help.

Lactation rooms

Lactation rooms

Are you a new mom seeking a comfortable, serene place to breast-feed your little one or pump in privacy? VCU offers lactation rooms on the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus.

Monroe Park Campus

James Branch Cabell Library, WISDM Mothers' Room, 4th floor near central stairwell. During library hours, the WISDM Mothers' Room is open to all VCU faculty, staff, and students who want to breast-feed or pump in private. Visit the Information Desk in the lobby for assistance in accessing the secure room. The carpeted room includes 2 Medela Symphony pumps, comfortable chairs, tables, a sink and privacy curtains. A family restroom with a changing station is located in the space below on the 3rd floor. A VCUCard can be activated for access, and an online calendar is available to reserve your preferred time. Visitors to the Monroe Park Campus who are not affiliated with VCU can also access the WISDMJ Mothers' Room, if available. There is also a lower-level lactation Mother's Room available in the library.  For more information, contact Teresa Doherty at or call (804) 828-8658.

Snead Hall, School of Business, Room B-4219 
The room has card swipe access control with an interior bolt lock mechanism for privacy. During hours the building is open, any VCU faculty, staff or student is welcome to use the room for post-natal services. Access is with the VCUCard prox code. For approval and code access, users must obtain authorization from the School of Business dean's office located nearby in room B-4181.

MCV Campus

Main Hospital, Main 4
This room is available to nursing mothers who are employees or visitors. It includes symphony pumps, rocking chairs, privacy screens, bathrooms and an iPod docking station. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The room was established through a grant from the Women’s Auxiliary at VCU Health System. For more information, contact Theresa Mondovics, nurse liaison, workforce development, at (804) 628-0249 or

Sanger Hall, Basement 1, Room B1-033B
This room, which is located behind the women’s restroom, is carpeted with a comfortable chair. It is open to all VCU faculty, staff and students seeking to breast-feed or pump in privacy. 

  • Sanger Hall is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The room is also accessible other weekday hours and on weekends with VCUCard ID access to Sanger; sign in at the lobby information desk.

For more information, contact Lesley Tremblay, building manager, at (804) 828-6911 or

VCU School of Nursing, Room 1002B 
The nursing mothers and babies room may be accessed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a key secured from the receptionist on the first floor lobby. For more information, call (804) 828-0724 or visit the receptionist at the front desk of the building at 1100 E. Leigh St.

VCU Health System Family Care Center 
This site is located in Room 153 below the N Parking Deck behind the MCV Campus bookstore. The room is equipped with a couch and comfortable chairs for those seeking to breast-feed or pump in privacy.

VCU faculty, staff and students may ring the doorbell for access to the Family Care Center and show their VCUCard ID for entrance. For more information, contact Patsy Moon at (804) 828-6291 or

Summer camps

Looking for summer day camps for the kids? VCU has programs to keep your vacationing children happy, active and creative this summer.  For information, click on the links below.

Animation Camp
Beth O'Boyle Basketball Camps
Creative Arts Day Camp
Discovery Camp
From Jump Rope to Stethoscope
Global Summer Institute of Music
Jody Rogers Volleyball Camp
Lobs & Lessons
Mike Rhoads Basketball Camp
Orchestra Project
Odyssey Jr. Elementary Orchestra Camp

Outdoor Adventure Camp
Rams Baseball Camp
Rams Soccer Academy Youth Day Camp

Recreational Sports Mini Ram Camp
Recreational Sports Children's Swim Lessons
VCU Dental Career Exploration Program
VCU Dental Hygiene Career Exploration Program
Vocal Arts Project

Also available to employees is Camp Kesem--a free camp run by VCU student volunteers to provide year long support services to children affected by a parent's cancer. This year's summer camp will be held at Camp Bethel in Fincastle, Virginia from July 30 to August 5. Click here to learn more and to register a camper.


Still looking for camps?  Please try one of the links below for summer programs for youth in the city and surrounding counties.

Richmond Parks and Recreation

Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation

Hanover County Parks and Recreation

Henrico County Parks and Recreation

New Kent County Parks and Recreation


Or check out the below list for camps from Richmond Family Magazine or ACA-accredited camps throughout the United States.

Area Summer Camps

This listing from Richmond Family Magazine offers a comprehensive resource for day and sleep-away camps in the local area for all ages and interests.

American Camp Association (ACA)

This listing includes a searchable database of ACA-accredited camps throughout the United States.