Cleo Magwaro, LL.B, LL.MHeadshot of the Associate vice president of institutional equity; interim ADA coordinator

Associate vice president of institutional equity
Interim ADA coordinator

Cleo is a graduate of American University, where she received a Masters of Laws degree and specialized in International Human Rights. She previously attended Queensland University of Technology, where she earned a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Justice. Cleo was the Acting Director and Title IX Coordinator of the Office of Institutional Equity and previously served as deputy EEO Coordinator, Supervisory Senior Investigator & Inclusion Officer at Kansas State. Cleo brings two decades of civil rights service, including leadership, teaching, and research experience. Her broad expertise includes areas such as Title IX, EO, ADA, assessment, culture and climate, legal affairs.

Cleo will provide leadership in civil rights and compliance related areas, including Title IX, Accessibility and ADA Services, Equal Equity Opportunity, and Equity, and Data and Case Management. As associate vice president, Cleo will promote a climate of trust, honesty, and integrity where all people are valued, and where differences are recognized as an asset.